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The Scurria Livio Farm was established in 1996 mainly as an animal breeding activity.

It was one of the first Italian companies authorized by the Veterinary Office of the EEC to import ostriches from CEE countries for reproduction purposes. Simultaneously with the breeding of animals, the cultivation of vegetables, fruit plants and mainly olive trees, over 200 plants in the Cargogno hamlet was subsequently developed.

Today the Scurria Livio farm includes about 41,000 square meters in the farm, of which about 25,000 square meters owned.about 90% of the farm's surface falls in Lombardy, the rest in Sicily.

In particular, in the business unit of Somana, which is wholly owned and which is the true heart of the company, an olive grove of 150 plants was planted in 2007, subsequently implemented with around 100 various fruit plants and a vineyard experimental of about 400 Merlot vines.

In 2009, following the purchase of neighboring rural buildings, a rather complex restructuring began which gave rise in 2013 to the opening of the Crotto di Somana agritourism.

This agritourism carries out activities connected to the farm as an overnight stay in three rooms with a wellness area and solarium Over the years, the structure has been increasingly appreciated and reviewed by hundreds of Italian tourists, but above all foreign ones who, coming from all over the world, stay for more days enthusiastic about the services offered by the company and the company's products, above all the oil extra virgin olive oil.

The tasting of oil on the farm with direct sales to tourists and the sale at local restaurants has allowed us to further develop the activity that today makes the Scurria Agricultural Company the largest oil production company in Mandello del Lario and surroundings.

Production of fruit and vegetables in recent years has increased considerably following the continuous planting of hundreds of plants Furthermore, a request is being prepared for the Lombardy Region for the issue of authorizations for new experimental vine plants, in particular for the new types of vines that are self-resistant to the most widespread diseases, in order to enter into a new perspective of respecting the environment and protecting the health.





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