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Mandello del Lario is located in Lombardy, on the eastern branch of Lake Como, in the Province of Lecco. It is located between the Lake and the Grigna, one of the highest and most fascinating mountains in the pre-Alpine range. The difference in altitude is considerable: it goes from 200 m above sea level in the Lake area to the 2,410 m of the Northern Grigna. Mandello del Lario has an area of around 40 km2 and consists of several old centers which are located at a certain distance from each other and are separated by fields of crops: Rongio, Maggiana, Luzzeno, Molina, Motteno, Tonzanico, Mulini, Olcio, Rogola, Gorlo, Zeno, Somana, San Giorgio, Debbio and Mandello. Before 1928, some of these were different Municipalities: Rongio, Somana, Olcio, and Mandello.

You can easily get to Mandello either by car or by public transport:.

How to get to Mandello del Lario by car:

  • From Lecco or Milano you will need join the SP72 via the SS36 by the junction Varenna-Mandello-Abbadia Lariana and then drive for 5 km 5 km
  • From Sondrio you will need to join the SP72 via the SS38 or the SS36, alternatively: - By the junction Varenna-Mandello del Lario-Abbadia Lariana and the drive for 5 km; - By the juntion Varenna/Perledo-Bellano and the drive for 16 km

Mandello del Lario is connected to the main cities of Lombardy by direct, regional and local trains.

The Mandello del Lario railway station is located along the SP72 (number 52/B) in the city center.
It is located about 350 meters from the Town Hall and 750 meters from the Lake.
Also in the municipality of Mandello del Lario, in the Olcio district, there is a secondary train station for local

The nearest airports are

  • Milan Malpensa (105 km)
  • Milan Linate (67 km)
  • Bergamo Orio al Serio (54 km).


Crotto di Somana

Piazza Monsignor Clemente Gaddi, 1
23826 Mandello del Lario (LC)
Tel +39 338 451 977

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