To make your stay at the Crotto di Somana more enjoyable and satisfying, we have decided to provide you with a series of suggestions that we consider useful.

Located at the foot of the Lecco mountains that gave birth to many of the most well-known Italian climbers who founded the historic Ragni di Lecco group who, on the Grigna that rises above the Agriturismo Crotto di Somana, have set up school, where they will be able to follow numerous paths and ways for the most disparate need. A short distance away are the mountains of Valsassina and Lake Como which will offer you unforgettable sensations and breathtaking views.

If you look in front of you from your room inside our Agriturismo you will see another of our strengths: Lake Como. You can also reach the lake on foot along the characteristic streets inside the villages that make up Mandello del Lario, along the stream, the Roggia and the Streets that in a recent past saw the Moto Guzzi Testers travel at full speed to find the right setup for point of the racing cars that have made the Mandellese motorcycle manufacturer famous all over the world. Quickly reached on the shores of the Lake ... beaches, restaurants, shops, ice cream parlors, bar pubs and everything that makes Mandello del Lario a sought after tourist destination all over the world. For further information we refer to the official page of the local tourist board. (look here)

So all this being stated here is why it is easy to talk to you about Culture, tourist destinations, sporting activities and gastronomic specialties that we let you discover or learn in our pages ... but not before giving you a taste of it here: Pizzoccheri, Bellagio, Promessi Sposi, Orrido di Bellano, Misoltini or Misultin, Castello di Vezio, Risotto with perch, Varenna, Tracciolino, Abazia di Piona, medieval village of Corenno Plinio, Pizzoccheri chiavennasci, Torre del Barbarossa, Bresaola, Villa Carlotta ... but much more. Find out in our four thematic areas.

The Agriturismo Crotto di Somana is located in an area rich in cultural attractions. In such a vast cultural landscape we can suggest some ideas.
The outdoor activities that can be done by staying at the Agriturismo Crotto di Somana cover the entire mirror of sports practices. The location at the foot of the mountains on the shores of the lake guarantees sporting practice at various levels throughout the year. Whatever your sport, you will surely find how to have fun staying in our facility. Here are our suggestions.
The Agriturismo Crotto di Somana is located on the shores of Lake Como, a destination known throughout the world for its beautiful scenery. You will certainly not have problems finding places that satisfy your interests. Visit Lake Como and the surrounding mountains.
Dishes of local cuisine, meat, fish, wine, cheeses and products of the land. The Agriturismo Crotto di Somana suggests you to accompany you to your stay in the open air visiting places of tourist and cultural interest or practicing sports activities, the typical products of our land. Accept any suggestions.
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